The daily challenge of trying to fit various food containers and lunchboxes into the fridge, while endlessly rummaging around to find the lids at the back of the cabinet, created the need for a more practical and modern storage box.

The inspiration for new solutions can sometimes be found in old ideas and traditions…

For thousands of years, the people of Vietnam have both wrapped and served, their food in palm leaves. In the Western world, where everything must withstand the dishwasher, microwave and freezer, and palm trees do not grow in our gardens, the Uhmm Box has become a modern take on this ancient, sustainable and brilliant idea.


The Uhmm Box is made of polypropylene – a sustainable plastic material, which is both food grade and recycled 5 approved. In other words, the plastic material from the Uhmm Box can be recycled, and if the box is incinerated, it will only release water and a little bit of C02 into the environment.

This means, that the Uhmm Box does not release any harmful chemicals into the environment or into the food, as it is free from parabens and phthalates. Even whilst heating in the microwave – the Uhmm Box does not release any toxins. The Uhmm Box is coated, so the smell and colour of the food, cannot transfer to the material. In time, the coating will wear off, and so the lifespan of a Uhmm Box is approximately 2 years.


The way the Uhmm Box aesthetically wraps itself around the food, and its ability to transform from box to bowl to plate, makes eating from the Uhmm Box a sensory experience. First, place the food or object onto the Uhmm Box, and then fold the box around it, so its folds will adjust to fit the contents.

The unique folding technique makes the box practical for the dishwasher, fridge, or any other place where space is limited. Unfold the box to form a plate, and benefit from a product that is easy to clean and store.

When the Uhmm Box is closed it is not 100% waterproof – this helps the food stay fresh and “breathe”. The small openings by the lid minimize condensation, and are still so small that more viscous foods do not run out. The openings also work as steam holes, and both the lid and the strap can therefore stay on when the box is used in the microwave. The Uhmm Box is suitable for the freezer too, so there is no excuse for not reducing your use of tin foil, platic bags and other disposable packaging. 


The Uhmm Box’s unique folding technique makes it functional and ensures that the food can “breathe” and stay fresh. Before using the Uhmm Box for the first time, it is a good idea to fold the box into position, and the next time you use it, it will “remember” what you did.

See the folding video here


Personalize your Uhmm box with a decorative drawing. The mat and solid colored surface on the Uhmm box is suitable to draw on with different kinds of pens. Drawings from water-based pens will vanish in the dish washer for a temporary fun decoration, but for a permanent decoration on Uhmm box we recommend porcelain pens. 
When you have decorated your box with porcelain pens you place the box in the oven at 100 degrees (no more) in 25 min. After 25 min you shut off the oven and leave the box in the oven to cool down until the oven is cold. Your decoration will now be permanent and you can put the box in the dish washer.

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